solar water Heater with auxiliary tank


Thermosyphon solar water heater (compact non-pressurized system) is comprised of three parts: water tank, vacuum tubes (collector), and support (bracket).
Working principle: Non-pressure solar heating is a kind of solar water heating systems that the bellow collector directly connects with the above water tank.
This solar water heater do not need to run the pump to force and do not require pipeline connections between the collector and the water tank. It is a simple and secure way to collect solar energy. The working principle of solar water heater is to make a natural circulation between the water tank and the collector.
a. The high quality vacuum tubes absorb the solar ray to heat the cold water in the vacuum tube.
b. The hot water rises in the top of the water tank from the vacuum tubes, and the cold water from the water tank sinks to the vacuum tubes to be heated by solar collector. So the whole system is always circulating continuously.
c. You can use a controller or an auxiliary tank to let the water fill the water tank automatically.
1. Lowest price. Most family can afford it.
2. Highest efficiency. The water fills the whole system, so that the heat loss is the least.
3. There is no need to wait and the hot water is available immediately.
4. SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel inner tank keeps the water quality. Anti-corrosion feature
5. SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel outer tank makes the tank look shinning.
6. 5L auxiliary tank is used to make the water fill the big tank automatically.
Thermosyphon solar water heaters can be used for ordinary families, or appartments.
Several solar water heaters can also be installed in array to form a solar project.
1.  Model SF-1800-58-470-20-SSN
  Water Tank Capacity (L) 167L for 4-5 people 
  Effective absorb area (m2) 2.03
2.  Outer Tank  
  Material SUS304-2B stainless steel
  Diameter (mm) 470
  Thickness (mm) 0.4
2 Inner tank  
  Material SUS316L stainless steel, food grade
  Diameter (mm) 360
  Thickness (mm) 0.5
3 Insulating layer  
  Material Polyurethane
  Thickness (mm) 55
4 Support/Bracket  
  Material SUS201 stainless steel
  Thickness (mm) 1.2
  Angle (degree) 45
5 Common Vacuum tube  
  Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
  Thickness (mm) 1.6
  Diameter (mm) 58
  Length (mm) 1800
  Coating AL-N-AL 
6       Accessary  5L auxiliary tank
7 Mode of payment TT, LC, Western Union
8 Delivery time 15 days
9 Warranty  5 years
10 Service life 15 years

Vacuum tube: 25mm diameter hail resistance

Wind protection: 180km per hour

6We can print your logo in the tube.

Competitive Advantage:
1. All of our thermosyphon solar water heaters are of CE certificate, and our workers are skilled, so that we can ensure the top quality.
2. In our working room, we have a special producing line for thermosyphon solar water heaters, and the productivity is increased dramatically, so that we can ensure the delivery time.
3. For every order, we provide spare parts, such as vacuum tube, silicon rings, and decoration rings.
4. We have professional team from before sale to after sale. We can produce the products as your requirement, and we can also make a design for you. If there is any problem of installing and using, we can solve it for you very soon.
5. The solar water heaters are easy to install and maintain.
6. Our thermosyphon solar water heater (compact non-pressurized system) has good reputation in Africa, especially in South Africa. We are doing the government projects. We also have good market in Middle East area.
Packaging Details:  
Dimension (mm):
Water Tank: 1780 x 500 x 500
Support/Bracket: 1850 x 100 x 350
Vacuum Tube: 1880 x 340 x 175
                         (10 pcs/carton)
                         2 cartons

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