1. Pure Sine Wave Out put
2. DSP Technology
3. LCD Display
4. Compact Design
Control switches:
1. Inverter/ UPS switch
a. Inverter-Low voltage-100V High Voltage-270V AC
b. UPS-Low voltage-170V High Voltage -270V AC
2. Charger Selection Switch
Mains charger OFF –Mains charger will be permanently OFF and Battery will charge only from solar
Mains/solar-In this mode both charger will work UP TO 13.8V, mains charger will turned OFF @ 13.8V automatically and
only solar will work UPTO 14.3V
3. Auto/Manual Switch
Auto-This solar Hybrid inverter can provide power to the connected load by utilizing the PV power, Utility (Mains) power
and battery power. When PV energy is good it will charge the connected batteries , when battery voltage reaches @14.3V
Relay will turn ON and this inverter will convert power to the connected loads from solar and Batteries. When PV and
Battery power is not sufficient for connected loads ( It means less than 11.5V) this inverter will source from the utility
(mains) at the same time . When PV energy is not sufficient and Utility (mains) is failed, The System selects the Battery as
Manual-This inverter will work when mains failed.
Indication & Readings
1.Solar-It will glow when solar is connected .
2.Charger ON-It will glow when charging starts.
3.Relay ON-It will glow when relay is ON.

Available Capacity
500VA,700VA, 850VA,1KVA @12V &24V.

1. Led indicator

2. Seven Segment digital Display

3. Seven Segment Volts Amps Units digital Display

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