Wind is naturally available to all and it is free, a quality which makes it desirable to produce

electricity to help save money on big electricity bills and also save the environment. Wind turbines

make a very good option for lighting up houses, small industries, farmhouses, bungalows, etc.

Using a natural resource like the wind is one of best possible solutions for lighting up remote places

or utility-connected homes and industrustries. The different type of wind turbines on offer range

from 1 KW to 20 KW.

Technical Specifications :

Rotor Diameter                 46 in (1.15 m)

Weight                                     13 lb (5.85 kg)

Shipping Dimensions    27 x 15 x 9 in (686 x 38 x 228 mm)

                                                      17 lb (7.7 kg)

Mount                                      1.5 in schedule 40 pipe

                                                      1.9 in (48.26 mm) OD

Start-Up Wind Speed     8 mph (3.58 m/s)

Voltage                                     12, 24, and 48 VDC

Rated Power                        400 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s)

Turbine Controller          Microprocessor-based smart internal

                                                      regulator with peak power tracking

Body                                          Cast aluminum (Marine is powder

                                                      coated for corrosion protection)

Blades                                      3-Carbon fiber composite

Overspeed Protection    Electronic torque control

Kilowatt                                  Hours per Month 38 kWh/mo at 12 mph (5.4 m/s)

Survival                                   Wind Speed 110 mph (49.2 m/s)

Warranty                               3 year limited warranty

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